Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My new Blog

I decided to create this blog so I could dedicate my Stampin' Up! (SU!) business news and share my beloved hobby with all my friends and customers in an easily accessible way. This is not my first blog. I created my first, "HiYA Harnjo's!" ( to focus on my family life allowing friends and family to keep semi-up-to-date on how we are doing. I realized when I started posting items on my personal family blog relating to my SU! business, that I would be sharing details of my life with everyone coming to view the stamping stuff! Not that I mind showing people how adorable my son is or how hectic I got at Christmastime, but not everyone wants to or has the time to browse through all that just to read the posts about SU! So, here we go. Welcome to Stampin' with Yoko!

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