Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Retired stamp sale

***I posted this in my personal blog a while back. Since I have this blog now, for Stampin' purposes, I am re-posting it here.***

I am making room for new products from 07-08 catalog season. Here are stamp sets I want to sell.
A Little Love
Set of 12, Price $5.50
Note: Not all used.
(Basic Greetings) (not actual name of set. I don't know it.)
Set of 8, Price $7.50
Burst Into Bloom
Set of 4, Price: $4.00
Heart Blossoms
Set of 5, Price $7.50

Holiday Blocks
Set of 8, Price $7.00

Little Hellos
Set of 8, Price $7.00

Set of 8, Price $7.00
Note: Only 4 of 8 stamps are mounted.

Quick Thinking
Set of 4, Price $6.00
Note: Only "Too cute for words" used. Other 3 never used.

Simply Sweet
Set of 4, Price $7.00

Wreath of Roses
Set of 7, Price $6.00
Note: "Thank You" is still new and was never mounted.

Finally, I have 6 copies of the 2006-2007 Idea Book & Catalog. 5 are in Mint condition and 1 copy has been leafed through a couple times. $4.50 each.Price reduction!! $3each!!

Interested?? If you're viewing my blog, you probably have my e-mail address, phone number, or some other means of contacting me. If not, just leave a comment here and I will receive it in my e-mail. (First come first serve basis!)

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